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Want wood project plans that excite woodworking students? Projects featuring eye-catching etched glass and mirror designs have increased enthusiasm of student and adult woodworkers for nearly a decade.
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Wood projects that will be treasured for a lifetime

Choose woodworking projects as simple as rectangular framed mirrors or as advanced as glass top wood tables. The free shop plans are easy to build for all woodworkers -- students, teachers and woodworking hobbyists alike.

Downloadable woodworking plans lead you step by step through building the project with detailed, but easy, instructions.

Each woodworking plan comes with a project checklist that makes the project easy for teachers to grade and easy for students to understand the key steps involved. With our special educational discount, students can buy just the glass or mirror to complete the project they have built for a small fraction of what the same wall decor or table would cost, fully assembled, on our retail site. Talk about a project that will make students proud!

Choose woodworking projects and free woodworking plans that best fit your skill level. The etched glass and mirror projects that you frame will be treasured for a lifetime.


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